March 30, 2015

sWell here we are with another Monday morning and I know you been waiting breathlessly to see what I’ve come up with this time. Well I got two things all dealing with the idiots in Washington. First there is talk of making voting mandatory. Not a bad idea, not a good one but not real bad. The first thing that comes to mind is how you enforce it second will it make any difference in the type of idiots we have running around DC now. The reason I think it’s not totally a bad idea is if people are going to complain about the leadership in this country they should have to vote first. The second reason is if they accompany it with some sort of mandatory political research it might work. The reason it won’t is because people will spend time and money avoiding it. You would have to make a lot of decisions as to who would be included in this and you’d probably end wit up with voting taking months instead of a day or two. And what happens if they find out a couple hundred thousand people didn’t vote can one of the candidates challenge the result. OK on to the next on a US senator has proposed mandatory church attendance. Now must of my readers already know how I feel about religion so I won’t bother there? What bothers me is she’s a Christian and appears to be referring strictly to Christian services this is why half the world hates us. We have men and women fighting to keep part of the world from telling us how to live and worship and now we have the largest idiot ever in the US senate. No wonder our young people are being seduced by ISIS and other extremists. I know we have free speech I also know that people should exercise restraint when something really stupid enters their heads. The sad part of this is you could see a lot of people in her audience shaking their heads in agreement. Well that’s it for today till next time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “AND THEIR SERIOUS”

  1. said

    forcing anyone to vote or attend church is ridicules maybe they should look at how successful mandatory car insurance is.


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