March 16, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we go another Monday morning and I would like to thank everybody that did not buy a copy of Jeff’s new book A Child Gone Missing. I mean if you all did he would have made some cash and would have probably gone back to visit the US and I would be left all alone. Well I wouldn’t be all alone Hader would be here to feed me and talk to me and I do have all my Stuff. Did you know I have one toy that’s almost 14 years old. It’s amazing that no matter how much new Stuff we get we always seem to like the old Stuff the best. And as you get older you like to go and look at all that old Stuff and try to remember why you have it. I know Jeff misses a lot of his old Stuff because it got given away or just plain left behind when he and Ruby moved to Colombia. Ruby funny she really doesn’t miss any of the old Stuff until the Holidays and then she cries because the younger generation isn’t using the old Stuff. Not only that but the younger generation throws a lot of Stuff away and then we have these big Stuff dumps. There are people who try to recycle Stuff and they do a good job, but that just means more Stuff. Rich people don’t save their Stuff they don’t care they just keep buying more Stuff. But people like us we save our Stuff and if we can we pass it on to younger folks with the hope that they’ll enjoy our old Stuff as much as we did. Well we’ve reached that point where I’m running out of energy so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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