March 2, 2015

33ffd626a2910fd9d6006803e7e425daSo I was wondering if some of the stuff I’ve read lately could actually be true. For instance the Holy Grail isn’t an object but rather knowledge that would change mans outlook. Or how about that there are multiple universes all existing at the same time and that one of them contains the perfect result? Now take those two results and you find the Grail to be the knowledge of how to go back and forth between these universes. There is a saying in some Aikido teachings that the perfect throw already exits and we just have to wait and except it. Of course there’s always this version of positive thinking that if you expect a certain outcome and I mean really expect it, then you’ll get it. There is a recent publication called Joining Miracles that might be of some interest to you. In the mean time it can’t hurt for me to expect you to love and comment on this post. This is Founder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “INTERESTING”

  1. valerie said

    I fine this very interesting have gone into a few sites and haven’t a clue of what I am reading – but still intersting


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