June 2, 2018

Lets talk about America today since my birthday and Ruby’s birthday are all gone till next year. First I have to ask was America so fucked up under Obama’s leadership that it was necessary to elect a complete ass hole to replace him. It looks that way I mean the Trumpster wants repeal any program that he had anything to do with. Now from my point of view he might be right a a couple of things but for the most part it looks like he’s just insanely jealous of anybody more popular than him. It also looks like he wants to send the country back to 1930’s. He’s repealing worker rights laws as well as child labor laws. He seems determined to make this a country of gun carrying white people. Now I’ve said this a few times in the past but we need everybody in this country working together in order for it to work right. You can’t have just whites in charge or just blacks or just any other race. If we don’t work together we’ll end up a third world country. The Trumpster is a comedian misdirecting us so that others may push through his and there disgusting racist programs. I just read one article written by a official of th UN that says in the last year poverty has increased in the country. Now assuming this to be true it would seem that the Trumpster is trying to set up a country where only the elite can survive. His tax break did nothing fro the little guy and he wants more breaks. Thats all good but we still have bills to pay so I guess the poor and average people will be footing the bill. it’s sort of like war where the rich people like the Trumpster can get out of going but the little guy gets to go and fight so the rich guy doesn’t have to get his hands dirty and can sleep in a nice soft bed. One thing th election of the Trumpster brought out is the massive hidden racism in this country and he’s given it a voice it doesn’t deserve. The Trumpster’s really good at blaming others for his shortcomings so I ‘m wondering who he’s going to blame for the next war or the depression thats coming. Well I’ve succeeded in throughly depressing myself so I’ll just say this his Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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