June 10, 2018

Big doings this week. The Trumpster has already managed to piss off most of our friends at the G7 now he’s sitting down with Kim for the big summit. I hope he read a liitle history before he went there but based upon his comments I doubt it. His comments were I don’t need a lot of preparation for this I ‘ll know in the first 5 minutes if it will work out by my touch and feel. Ok first he has to realize that they have a complete psychological profile on him, which is probably better than anything we have on Kim. The North Koreans are master at that kind of stuff. The phrase brain washing came out of the Korean war. As backward or deprived we thing this country might be they are experts at deceit, where as the Trumpster is just a liar. This is one of those time when Korea really can’t lose and the Trumpster can’t really win. The Trumpster is the absolute last person on the planet I would want to lead this summit. Previous administrations knew how much of a waste of time it would be to talk to the North but the Trumpster with his giant ego plays right into the hands of the North. I want to able to say I ‘m sorry I was wrong and this summit is going to work out great. But I don’t think so. We don’t do well in negotiations with the Oriental mind because they have had many more centuries of practice than we have. The North Vietnamese negotiated in Paris until we ended up paying them so we could end that dumb war. Any war in Korea would involve China, North Vietnam as well as most of the countries in the pacific rim most of which tolerate us but don’t love us. What that means they’ll either stay out of it or go where they think they ca get the best deal and right now that’s not the US. Well Fats is a little under the weather right now so I ‘ll say just say this is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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