June 18, 2018

Sorry for being a day late but I had family stuff to do yesterday. Well the Trumpster has really gone overboard this time. While he’s going around saying he ended the North Korean nuclear threat his minions have been going around building wire enclosures to house immigrant children taken from their parents. he’s not making America great again unless you like a Fascist state. Now a lot of people are surprised by this but he’s always been a racist and a religious bigot. He is a true sociopath a person without empathy for anyone. Everyday this man stays in office he becomes more of threat to the world as we know it. Now God knows that world ain’t perfect but at least we still have the right to change it. If we are gong to make a change we have to stop thinking Republican vs Democrat and start thinking Good vs Evil. The Elite that are I control of most Governments care little for others and only what is good for them. If the United States was a country in South America there would have been a coup and God knows what we would have now. But that doesn’t mean that the massive disparage between the Elite and the rest of the country won’t spark a revolution of some kind. The Whites think that be just being white it makes them Elite and everybody else not. it’s not about skin color although its convenient to blame whats wrong in the country on people of color. The Trumpster uses sayings like he’ll bring jobs back to this country. Well folks a lot of those jobs are gone for good thanks not to China but to automation. What took a hundred people to do before now take as little as five. No the Trumpster is going to make America great again he’s going to destroy it something the Nazis and Communists couldn’t do. This is a very upset Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Look for more posts and maybe a video or two on you tube in the near future.

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