June 23, 2018

I’m posting today because tomorrow is fathers day in Colombia as well as a world cup game against Poland. The Trumpster has had a rough week but if you look around while all this has been going on his minions have been screwing with Social Security and Medicare. There attempting to find money to pay for there tax cuts. Now I know most people under lets say 50 don’t think about social security other than to ask whats that deduction on my pay check. But if your not rich and you want to retire at some point and you either don’t have a pension or it’s a small one Social Security is dam important. In my case with out it I’d either be living in a one room apartment in a not so nice area or on the street. As it is I had to move out of the country to be able to afford to retire at a level anywhere near my life style in the US. I’m fortunate that I can pay my bills go out to eat or away for a weekend every once in awhile. Also my medicine and health insurance are dirt cheap here. But if you can’t leave the US and all you have is a small income plus Social Security, which by the way is not an entitlement but rather a return on your contributions over the years, then I have to say your pretty well living in poverty. Now your politicians don’t worry about any of that they’re part of the 1%. Most have never paid for health insurance and will receive pensions in excess of a hundred thousand dollars for basically screwing you for years. In many of my posts over the years I talk about this, how people that have never had to really worry about paying there rent or buying food are making decisions that adversely affect your lives. If this was a less educated third world country most of these people would have been overthrown and executed or worse and there is worse. The two main reasons this doesn’t happen in America is people believe they can change things at election time (pardon me until I can stop laughing). The other is complacency meaning people don’t want o make real waves they just want to get up go to work watch their TV and get laid on a fairly regular basis. Give then these things and you pretty much screw then any time you want. Well listen if you live in Colombia have a great Fathers day tomorrow hope our team wins the game and this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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