June 30, 2018

I ‘m sitting here listing to some Doors music and thinking how screwed the country is. I mean look at it now on one side you have the people who blame Obama for everything and the other the ones that hate the Trumpster so much they blame everything on him. Well personally I for one think the public should start taking responsibility for their own fuckups. It’s not the Blacks or the Jews or the Muslims it your fault your out of work. Now thats going to upset a lot of people but I mean look in my work history i’ve been fired quit without a job filed bankruptcy twice but managed to survive move to another country and retire. I took real shity jobs to get myself back on my feet, but I did it. I don’t have a college degree I educated myself for the most part although I did attend college at night. If your a coal minor and you want to blame the Chinese or the Democrats for you not being able to find work. Well you need to wake up the demand for coal is just not the same as it was 20,10 or even 5 years ago other cheaper and cleaner products have been found. The same goes for the steels industry or auto making only in their case robotics have replaced you not Blacks or Muslims and certainly not Latinos. Latinos aren’t taking your computer job. Yes a lot have gone over seas because of cost. But you can blame that on capitalism not on immigrants. They didn’t take your job you boss gave it to them so he could make more money. There will always be unemployed or worse yet unemployables in this country as technology replaces humans and there is nothing we can do to stop it because they all it progress. I was in my mid 40ś before I got my first computer I took courses on line and from the state. Now I ‘ve built my own computer repaired other peoples and have certificates in most Microsoft programs. I recently installed Linux to my computer and am getting ready to install my third up grade. These are things I ‘ve taught myself in an effort to make myself more employable. I tought myself to cook and ended up working as a chef for six years. I ‘ve never blamed any one else for my losing a job or not finding one right away. So this racial hatred as a basis for everything thats wrong in this country is just bull shit. I know people have problems out there and need help but 99% of them aren’t blaming anybody they just want a little help. Well look I have a lot more to say on this topic and I will as we move along but in the mean time this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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