October 26, 2012

I just read this article about a New York cop they arrested who was planning on kidnapping, boiling and then eating women don’t they ever test these guys. I mean they let him carry a gun I the largest city in the country somebody needs to find out how this guy got in, anyway welcome to Friday. You know I’ve been noticing a lack of readership on the weekends does this mean you guys are going out and having fun and not telling me about it? If this is true you can expect me to get in touch with a few of my feline friends and dig up you gardens and poop in them. You know how we like to make fun of the news but sad to say there’s nothing humorous in the news lately other than politics, as you can from my opening story. This is why, especially at this time of year where there is less sunlight to make people feel good, that the suicide rate goes up. I mean if I didn’t have Jeff and Ruby as well as Hari to laugh at once in awhile I might have jumped off the balcony myself, so let’s all make a conscious effort to make someone smile this week and I’ll keep looking for some humorous news CIAO.

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