October 31, 2012

Well I couldn’t think of what to say with the storm and everything but now it’s Halloween and down here we call the day of children and that’s what we do celebrate children. I think it would be a good idea up there after the horrible storm if you all celebrated the children too. Even though the streets are still a mess a little trick or treating with the kids is good for the soul and you really shouldn’t let Mother Nature ruin a fun time for them. I guess what I’m saying is get your head up and go out with your kids it’ll do both of you some good. There’s not much more I can say right now except I hope your all safe and you’ll get through this the human spirit is an amazing thing I’ll be back tomorrow for now CIAO.

One Response to “THE DAY AFTER”

  1. valerie said

    you would not say buck up and take the kids out if you saw fayson lakes nj. what a mess they have changed to monday. same thing last year.


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