October 24, 2012

Hump day and its one week till Halloween everybody got their candy and costumes ready. Down here from what I’m told only Hari is ready for Halloween and I don’t know what his costume is going to be. I can’t believe how bright the sun is right now, bet you if Jeff plans to go out it will get cloudy and rain on him. The election getting closer are you all going to vote? Jeff says even if he was in the US he doubts he’d vote for any of the Presidential candidates, he says he’d write in Bill Bradley name again the two guys running don’t impress him at all. It has to d with voting for the lesser of two evils and Jeff thinks it’s about time the voters demanded a government that actually cared about something other than how they could screw everybody and get rich. OK I’ll leave the political rants to Jeff, there was Championship league soccer yesterday Chelsea lost but Barcelona won today Real Madrid plays. It would be great to see a finale between Barcelona and Real Madrid I don’t think anybody would go to work down here except bartenders beer sales would sky rocket after all they do take soccer very seriously down here. Time for me to get a drink and take a nap CIAO.

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