October 23, 2012

Ok so I took a day off what are you going to do fire me. Anyway nothing much happened yesterday so you guys didn’t miss anything as for a Sunday after the pool session everyone went to his Church festival up on the hill. Jeff did not enjoy himself because the music was much too loud and as usual Ruby had to sit near the speakers (she has to get those ears checked. But al and all it was a pretty good day. Today the new mattress is supposed to be delivered which makes me happy the old one is a little lumpy from an overweight Jeff. Right now this is looking to be the best day in a long while but like I’ve said in the past you never know. Jeff tried to exercise this morning and it was fun to watch first he couldn’t find as spot to lay down because there wasn’t enough room, finally he put his mat in the hallway and did some stomach crunches (the only thing that got crunched was the mat LOL). I hope he keeps it up I don’t want lumps in the new mattress. Well I’m going to try and come back after the mattress gets here and let you know how it is in the mean time I’ll try to find a smooth spot on the old one CIAO.

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