It’s to early

October 28, 2012

Ok so I missed another day I can’t help it everybody got up early and went shopping so I went back to bed. Today everybody got up at 20 after 6Am that’s way to early even the birds weren’t up yet but people expect me to get up with them and be wide eyed and bushy tailed. Well I got the bushy tailed part down but I don’t know about wide eyed. Hader and the kids were here for dinner yesterday which was fun, if those kids ever had to move real fast to get dressed they’d never make it Jeff says he’s never seen someone take so long to get ready, not even Ruby moves that slow. They say you guys up there are really in for it the next few days I hope you’re ready you know if you’re stuck in your house I’m always around if you want to email or whatever. It’s still too early for me to have any complete thoughts yet so I’m going to take a nap and try to get back to you guys later CIAO.

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