October 20, 2012

Dam Jeff broke his new classes what a klutz, this is not a good start to the weekend. Only eleven more days to Halloween everybody got there candy and costume ready. I don’t need a costume on Halloween all cats are scary it’s our nature. This year Jeff has to buy a lot of candy because there are a lot of kids living around here. There’s a meeting tomorrow of the property owners they want to put up a gate at the bottom of the road so that they can control who gets into the property. Jeff thinks it’s a good idea it would cut down on the garbage people leave here and kids wouldn’t have to worry about stepping in cow or horse poop. Mothers wouldn’t have to listen to bad language or watch kids smoke pot and drink so all and all it sounds like a good idea. Jeff sees one problem though and that’s a lot of busses come up and down this road especially in the mornings, how a guarded gate would affect their passage will definitely have to be discussed. Jeff and Ruby are going mattress shopping now so I’m going to go and watch some soccer and then take a nap CIAO

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