February 11, 2015

logoYou know those of you that have followed this blog that I believe in the death penalty as punishment that befits the crime. That is very apparent lately especially down here in Colombia where there is no jury trials and no death penalty. You might say that having no death penalty without jury trails is a good thing. Well maybe not judges are a lot easier to bribe then juries. I’ve seen murder suspects go into court smiling and get 25 years for killing someone during a crime. Just recently a famous member of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel was released from prison he had made deals here and the US his nick name was Popeye and is believed to be personally responsible for as many as hundreds of deaths. In the US if you convict someone and condemn them to death they get to sit in a cell watch TV be fed etc for up to 16 years while they appeal. Now an average criminal casts the taxpayers around 138,000 dollars a year to keep in prison. They sometimes end up living better than their victims. Why have I brought this up again well there are two case down here that in my opinion warrant torture as punishment. First we have the case of four kids shot to death in order to force the family off their farm and unfortunately the parents and family have abandoned the farm. So it would appear that the kids died for nothing. Now I believe that when these killers are caught they should get to live that rest of their lives in a jail that the people of Colombia have to pay for. Instead I am in favor of a slow painful death for these people as a punishment befitting the crime. The next case is the discovery of a dismembered child again jail is not a befitting punishment for these criminals. Now I know you’re going to say that there’s always a chance the person is innocent. Well I’m willing to take that chance in both of these cases. The moral activists out there that say jail is the only way should look at the percentage of repeat offenders in jail. It doesn’t work and either does butting a serial killer in a mental institution. Now I know this will star some nasty debates and I hope just like I hope a good cop will find the killers down here and make sure they get what they deserve. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Oh and for those of you say that God wouldn’t want that then I say God needs to rethink his priorities.

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