September 26, 2014

104e4a9aab3582b2ecb62fe94de85cafToday I’m going to write about how banks, insurance companies and the people who work for them lie to you. Let’s start with banks HSBC to be exact. When we decided to move down to Colombia I needed a bank that was both in the US and here, there were only two left. One was HSBC and the other was Citi bank. I have a lot of unpleasant memories of Citi bank so that left me only HSBC. As it turned out I had a friend working there so I felt comfortable in going to talk to him and that was a mistake. He said I’ll fix you up with a premium account and I said I don’t have the 100,000 dollars to qualify. He of course said no problem I’ll attach to mine. Well things started out good until I got down here and found that the branch here was not affiliated with the one in the US. It turned out they were for sale and soon sold. So we loss free access to our money and now had to pay fees but we were getting the money back because we had a premium account in the US. Then one day I get an email from some woman I don’t know who tells me in order to maintain my premium status I must bring the account up to a 100,000 balance. That didn’t happen and they changed my account to a regular checking account then without notifying us they cancelled the bank card I had and supposedly mailed me a new one. Now that was three years ago and I’m still waiting of for that card. I managed to call them and explained that they needed to send it Fed x or DHL in order for me to get it. Since then they have at time blocked my account because the failed to notice I live in Colombia. When I called my “good friend” Jeff Dzoba informed he no longer was responsible for my account and there was nothing he could do. So that ended that story next we have AXA insurance company whose agent Mike Natale sold me a policy saying just pay 200 dollars a quarter and when you get older you’ll be fine. Well that turned out to be a croak of shit. Recently I went to make my 100 dollar a month payment (that meant 300 bucks a quarter) and found out my policy was expired. I got a hold of the company and they told me that cost increases in my policy now meant that the 100 dollars I was paying wasn’t quite enough and that the longer I lived the more I could expect to pay. These are two examples where your so called friend desire to make money will end up with you being screwed. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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