September 7, 2015

imagesThere is a huge change going on in the worlds demographics due to the refugees that are showing up. They’re running from wars that to some degree are religious in nature. A lot of this is from the Arab nations Syria, Libya, and many others. These wars accomplish nothing but pain and the destruction of once beautiful countries. Do you remember the Lebanon civil war between the Christians and others? It destroyed what was considered the most beautiful city in the world at the time. It’s amazing how different countries interpret emergencies. In Colombia where I live neighboring Venezuela expelled around two thousand Colombians that were living in the country illegally. Everybody says Maduro is doing it to distract voters in the coming election. Well Colombia’s response is to go to the UN and complain as well as the Organization of American states. This is over two thousand people that have families in Colombia as well as being Colombian citizens. This too is being touted as a political ploy. In Greece people are leaving and refugees are arriving from Africa. All of this will soon change the demographics of the area. I know what I’m about say is logical but for some reason the world won’t do anything. WE NEED TO STOP USING HUMAN BEINGS AS POLITCAL TOYS. Now that sentiment is voiced by religious and political leaders all over the world, but none are willing to stop. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Yes Flounder VERY SAD


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