September 3, 2014

BobKnowsWhatsImportantInLifeAt what point did sports and what some slutty entertainer is doing become more important to us then people killing each other. In Colombia the story of a soccer player’s move from one team to another took up more than half a newscast. On the internet you see stories about what this or that star is doing taking up headlines. Now I’m all for putting good news on the air to balance all the tragedy in the world. I just don’t think a story about Lindsey Lohan’s dress or the fact that she’s showing her legs should be that story. It’s sad but this kind of news can replace stories about starving or poor children around the world. I personally don’t give a shit what Justin Bieber is doing or Brittany, Lindsey, or any of the others or doing. I want to know why the economy is screwed up and who’s really responsible. I want to know how many more American have to be executed before we carpet bomb the shit out of those assholes. If you want a happy story to write about or put on TV there are lots of them about ordinary people doing wonderful things. And you shouldn’t have to dig those stories up they should already be up front instead of some story about what a football player said about retiring. But what do I know I’m just a cat, this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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