September 24, 2014

drunkI felt I should address the drinking problem in Colombia and other parts of South America. The first thing I don’t understand id the capital of Colombia Bogota allowing discos to stay open on the weekend till 6am. I think they do that thinking there would be less people on the streets to cause trouble. Your right it ain’t working all that’s happening is people come out of the clubs a lot drunker. One way to help with the drinking and driving problems in South America is to follow Americas lead in making the bartenders and bar owners more responsible for over serving or serving a drunken person. Enforce the laws governing public drinking make having an open bottle or can of alcohol in your vehicle a moving violation. Jail unlicensed drivers impound their cars and have them first pay a heavy fine before they can get there car or motor cycle back. Sell the impounded vehicles at public auction after thirty days. Making it a crime for the original owners to bid or regain possession of the vehicle. As you can tell one of the big things here is enforcement of the law. That isn’t something you see a lot of in Colombia. They have helmet laws and anyone driving around Colombia knows that most of the time the police don’t enforce the law. They need to make public intoxication a crime not a sign of machismo. If they start tomorrow and keep at it religiously it will still take years to solve the problem. But they will start to save lives right away and that is important. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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