December 2, 2014

10259884_10203539987124835_781715931543537504_n This is our last post before we head out to the USA for seventeen days of vacation. I decided to do a rant about Colombia’s leadership since I really didn’t have anything else to write about. About a week ago the rebels (Farc) kidnapped a US counter intelligence trained Colombian General. He was the first ever General kidnapped. The group that dir it was supposedly close to the drug cartels. Well they released him and three other people taken at the same time on this Past Sunday. The General has been forced to resign because he was travelling in a dangerous area and not in uniform. This after he had spent his entire captivity handcuffed or chained to a tree and threatened with death all of which are the international treaties. Now Santos has immediately sent his negotiators back to Cuba to continue peace talks. Why doesn’t he just bend over and kiss the FARCs ass I mean they kidnap a General kill a few policemen every once in awhile and blow up oil line every week. But he still wants to deal with what is estimated to be 5500 rebels, most of who are working for the Cartels. If it wasn’t for the disruption of the oil fields or the gold mining he wouldn’t give a shit. His attitude stinks of Peace at any cost and I’m sorry but this country has been fucked over enough. Now I am by no means saying war is a good thing but if you’re in the majority you should be able to negotiate from a position of strength or at least equality not weakness like President Santos. I’ll probably get a lot of shit for this post but I kind of like it here and hate to see these hard working people get screwed by a bunch of rich aristocratic politicians. Hey that sounds familiar doesn’t it America. This is Flounder (counting the minutes till the party begins) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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