September 15, 2015

indexWell I’m going to try and be a little humorous today it’s going to be a challenge. First up you all know that Donald Trump use to be host of Celebrity Apprentice. He lost that gig when he made some bad comments about Latinos. Now NBC in its great wisdom has decided to place Arnold Schwarzenegger has the host. I can hear it now you fired and you won’t be back. Television continues to insult anyone with the least bit of intelligence. I see the Republicans are threatening to shut down the Government again. This time over taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, they hope to gain financial support from the Christian conservatives out there. They believe that by shutting down the Government they demonstrate some show of power and support. There’s only one problem with that. That being since the Government doesn’t really do anything how are we supposed to know its shutdown. My final note concerns a young man by the name of Tiesto a DJ who plays EDM (Electronic Dance Music) he gets paid ridicules amounts of money this. EDM is basically computer software written by others for his benefit. Now, that’s not my real problem with it that would be that it pretty much all sounds the same (Remember Disco). Well that’s all I got so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

ShowViral_donald-trump-wants-to-control-the-country_299812I got to tell you this blogging thing gets harder every time, mostly because I try to have something with a little humor and that’s getting harder all the time. I decided it was necessary to write a little something about Donald Trump. You know the ass hole with the hair. I’ve reached the conclusion that he really doesn’t want to be president he’s just using the campaign to promote his brand. A few days ago his company negotiated a deal to buy a hotel down here in Medellin. Not only that but he’s trying to buy Athletic Nacional a highly successful soccer team once partly owned by Pablo Escobar. It is also located in Medellin a city he has, to my knowledge, never visited. We all know he doesn’t believe in Global warming and has made some of the most publicized disparaging remarks about Latinos and women as well as poor folks. Now here’s the kicker he could win and if that isn’t the funniest thing I’ve heard in years I don’t know what is. What makes it so funny is he doesn’t even want the job. Also can you vision him sitting in the Oval Office screaming into the red phone at Putin saying YOU’RE FIRED? That alone might be worth having that ass hole elected. If there was ever a candidate that could get American to revolt if he was elected it’s him. Even the one percent thinks he’s crazy. I think that if he loses like I hope the US is going to have to rework the election process or risk the end of democracy as we know it. Well if this keeps up I can see Jeff starting to drink again. In the mean time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.