January 30, 2014

nothing-in-the-world-is-more-dangerous-than-sincere-ignorance-and-conscientious-stupidityIgnorance is alive and well at the meeting of South American leaders in Venezuela this week. I find it amazing that the leaders with the most influence come from countries whose economy is weak. Santos of Colombia might think he hot shit but Maduro and others have more power. Why because they have more control of their countries. They all complain about American spying well let’s take a look at this. Did America spy on them probably have they used the same technology to spy on their own people? Oh yes and it goes back a long time there just jealous that they don’t have access to the technology the NSA does. In Colombia if it hadn’t been for the use of available phone taping knowledge Pablo Escobar would still be running his drug empire. Maduro isn’t the first Venezuelan to spy on his people Chavez was an expert at it. Richard Nixon in the US listen to everybody as did J Edgar Hoover the cross dressing head of the FBI. No, eavesdropping or spying on our neighbor is not new it’s been around as long as man has and will continue to be so. The objections come when one is dumb enough to get caught doing it. Some of the leaders of these countries actually believe the US is the only one spying on them. Hello you’re in Cuba aren’t you? Don’t you think old Fidel is listening to you have sex with you wife. Well maybe it is true what you don’t know can’t hurt you or ignorance is bliss whatever this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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