February 23, 2015

secret-societiesAnother Monday is upon us and Fats has been reading mysteries involving the occult and the premise of a government within a government. Now that might sound a little farfetched but think about it. Look at all the secret societies that have been around for hundreds of years. For instance Skull and Bones the famous Yale university society that little George Bush belonged to. It might explain how someone who had failed at just about everything he did, got to be President of the US. Then we have the Free Masons who have been linked to governments since the 1700’s. The Illuminati whose symbol the pyramid appears on our money tis is one group that doesn’t believe in any supreme being. We know about the Knights Templar but the modern version but have no tie to the past and are more involved in Lutheranism then Catholicism. The last one I have for today are the Jesuits of which the current Pope is the first to be elected to that office they are sometimes referred to as Gods soldiers and the Popes Secret Service. They are considered by some because of their locations all over the world to be the greatest intelligence agency in the world. The Masons and others have long been accused of having undue influence in our government. Some believe this is why Goldman Sachs is considered to have more control of the government than the people who elected it. OH and Goldman Sachs were around when this country was formed. Don’t you just love the way I start of the week? Just look at it this way it could get better (LOL). This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia


July 15, 2014

mmSo I wake up this morning turn the computer (Cats can do this you we ain’t stupid) and the first story I see on Yahoo News is Colombia’s president Santos tell people in South Florida what a good investment Colombia is. Now in the same article it mentions that he’s at a conference for Goldman Sachs. They are beyond a doubt the largest dirt bags in the world and have been screwing the little guy since the American Revolution. And if that wasn’t bad enough trade with South Florida was down four percent last year. Santos stands there and tells the world that drug and rebel violence is behind them now when statistics show it the highest level in ten years since he started his peace process. You want more ok here it is while the TV stations have been using the whole hour news shows to talk about the World Cup the neglect to mention the Colombia’s main oil pipe line was cut by rebels on Friday disrupting the movement of 70 % of Colombia’s oil. Now I’m not telling the world don’t invest in Colombia but I think they should be careful because as I said when Goldman Sachs is involved only the wealthy 1% stand to make out. I live in Medellin and I see the hundreds of homeless people live in under bridges, in storm drains, parks, and even sidewalks. I notice prices going up ever so slightly but enough to scare me and I have a good income. Everywhere you look high rise apartments are going up increasing the stress on the cities intra structure. I think the Colombian people need to make sure that investment money coming from the US or other countries gets distributed fairly and all go into Santos and his elitist friend’s pockets. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.