July 8, 2014

petroleoThis morning I saw this story on the news down here where the Farc had stopped an oil truck convey and made them poor 5000 barrels of oil out I to the environment. The photo accompanying this post is an actual news photo of the damage. What was surprising about this story was that this happens with a regularity that is amazing. You have to search the news and it usually comes from some other source other than Colombia but you will find that almost every week there is an attack on the oil pipe lines by the Farc. That is why the government is willing to make so many concessions to the Farc at the peace table. The Farc is costing them money lots of it. Does the Farc who says that their fighting for the poor people realize that what they did yesterday will prevent that land form being used for years to come? Do they realize that every drop of oil that hits the land is polluting the environment for years? What is it with you humans you go to war to preserve a way of life, you say you want to save the environment but you’re constantly trying to destroy it. No wonder people believe that someday in the future you’ll destroy yourselves. Look at that picture again and tell me how the Farc and ELN are fighting a revolution for the peoples of Colombia and that the violence will stop with a negotiated peace. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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