July 4, 2014

sIt’s Friday and looks to be noisy down here. Colombia plays Brazil in the world cup this afternoon and cars started blowing their horns at 6:30 this morning. If Colombia wins there will be no sleeping around here this weekend. OK so the title of today’s post is questions no answers just questions. Why is it its Ok for Christians to force the Government to tell people what they can’t do such as Abortion or the use of Contraceptives, but it not OK for Muslims to try and force people to believe like they do? Why is it OK for the US to invade a country to try and make it Democratic? But if Russia invades a country to protect its citizens it considered illegal and an act of aggression. Why is it we say we want to conserve gasoline but cars ads are for powerful fast gas eaters? Why are we such a destructive race of people? Why do people hate blacks and gays but want to let the fight in our wars for us? And finally why are we so afraid of the truth? Hey this is Flounder saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA everybody have a safe weekend. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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