June 21, 2014

rewards1-680x400I was just going over the news and thought I’d get rid of some frustrations by writing a post. I know people in America get tired of me writing posts about Colombia but you have to understand what happens in politics down here has a greater effect on me than politics up there does on you. But today’s rant sort of covers both countries. First Colombia is going to release a paramilitary warlord early from prison because he’s old and claims to have memory problems. Which keep him from giving information that was part of a plea deal with the government, which we all know is bull shit. This sets a bad precedent for the peace talks. I want you to know I am not saying a negotiated peace is a bad thing. But I don’t think it should be done at the expense of justice for the victims. Now up there I was reading a story about bonuses for senior executives of major corporations and banks and I was wondering why they get them even when the companies are claiming to be near bankruptcy and begging the government for help. This is just telling the people tuffs shit keep working and say goodbye to your retirement. I don’t understand what it is about Americans that lets take this without huge protests or maybe even a small revolution. I’ve heard that it’s because things are still better in America. Not necessarily true America rates last in Healthcare its people are not happy that number one slot goes to Finland. I think Americans should start looking around and maybe start demanding some changes before they all become second calls citizens. I mean if I was still living in the US I could get a lot of rewards for bad behavior, kind of sounds stupid don’t you think. Well I got that off my chest so it’s time for a nap this is Flounder saying CAIO from Medellin Colombia.

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