June 16, 2014

Juan-Manuel-Santos-Oscar-Ivan-Zuluaga-549x366Well Sunday was Election Day in Colombia and Santos won reelection promising peace. Ok so he gets peace with the rebels but at what cost the rebels who have been schooled politically by Russia in Marxism were being beaten badly in the so called war suffering heavy losses and finding it difficult to replace those that were lost. Now they are negotiating as if they had won and are saying they won’t settle if they have to pay for crimes committed. They want to be able to run for political offices in 2015. So you say what’s so bad about that there turning to politics instead of guns. Well take a look at Colombia and see what the Government has actually done for the average person and what do you see, the same poverty, the same inequities, the same problems with health care, and the same problems with drugs. Now you have people running for office that will preach equality of wealth that the resources of the country should belong to Colombians and not outside companies and even though I believe there should be more Colombian control of its natural resources I look at Cuba and Venezuela and see that it really doesn’t work. If you want to know what’s going to happen in the future of your country wait and see if Santos or one of his supporters asks for a constitutional amendment to allow Santos to run as many time as he wants. Watch and see the attacks on his opposition in the press and actual physical attacks. I believe concessions by the government in the peace talks were unnecessary and dangerous. I hope as time goes on I’m wrong about this I like living here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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