May 14, 2014

MagicJackHere’s more technological stuff Jeff bought a device called magic jack he had it registered in Colombia. This device plugs into your computer and allows you to make free phone calls back to the US or Canada or vice versa to Colombia. Well the free six months ran out and he needed to pay 29.95 to renew it. So he goes on line does the credit card thing and magic jack says no good. He gets a customer service rep online and tells her what’s going on. She writes back are you sure you did it right and he says yes then she says do it again while I’m online with you. Well Jeff did it still not working she says it his bank he says well he’s used it online to pay bills down here and buy stuff and have it shipped from Amazon. She suggests another credit card which Jeff does still the same. She says it his bank. Well now we have a very pissed off Jeff that ends the conversation politely but you really didn’t want to talk to him right then. So he figures he’ll figure out what’s wrong in the morning when he’s not so pissed. He goes online to his master card account and sees three charges for a dollar each form magic jack that have been approved he also sees one on his checking account card also approved. So he says OK I guess I have to have someone in the US renew the magic jack. In the mean time his wife tries to pay the cable bill online and they find out all there card are blocked which means they have no access to their money which is in the bank in the US. At this point I decided to hide since smoke was rising from Jeff’s head. The reason was now, unless he wanted to pay a huge phone bill, he had no way of calling the bank and straightening out the problem with the bank. Now he has to try and contact someone in the US by email to see if they can renew the magic jack for him so he can call the bank and get this all settled. This is Flounder, and if you don’t hear from me tomorrow it will be because I’m still hiding, saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “JEFF IS PISSED”

  1. Valerie said

    did you get it straitened out yet


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