May 9, 2014

7-Sites-For-Indie-AuthorsJeff is a little depressed lately because he’s not selling any books and he knows part of the problem is he doesn’t really have the money to do a proper marketing job. So he leaves it up to his friends on Facebook and his followers on Twitter. But that doesn’t seem to be working. He wrote his first book back in 2012 and only sold three the second book only sold two back in 2013 the third which represented a change in gender from Science Fiction to Mystery Thrillers has sold six. But we all know what pig headed goof he can be so he’s writing a fourth book, this one another Mystery Thriller featuring his new hero Samuel S. Sampson is presently titled A CHILD IS MISSING that might change you never know with Fats. He’s about 21000 words into it and seems to really be going at it. He also has plans for a book about me titled Flounders Great Adventure not to be confused with this blog this story will really be about me and contain some photos which means it will only be available in paperback and hopefully around Christmas. Well it’s been raining all night so it’s quiet around here right now that makes it a good time to take a nap. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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