March 31, 2014

give-a-man-a-truth-14916-1920x1080Colombia wants a truth commission after the peace talks with the Farc are concluded. The problem with that is like the quote from jack Nicolson’s character in a few good men “You can’t handle the truth”. Now you sit there and say what does he know that we don’t know? The answer is nothing absolutely nothing. Ok how can you say that we can’t handle the truth? By looking at the people who want the commission and they are politicians and the one thing you’ll never get from the politicians is the truth. First they’ll lie and say they are protecting hence the quote above. Then they’ll tell you a story with half truths and years later when it won’t make any difference they’ll let the truth out. But getting back to the quote if all the truth about the Farc’s revolution was to be told you’d would see the influence of organized crime not only on them but on the government as well. Now we know that even the peace talks are all about money and that the truth is none of the negotiators give a shit about the people most affected by the vilolence and that would be the poor people. If the Farc was to go into Bogota and attack the headquarters of a major corporation or bank do you think that they would still be around. No the government would have had to send a major force out to destroy them, but if they blow up a small police station in the country side then they can stand around on TV and say how outraged they are and in reality do nothing. If this was to come out in some truth commission hearing the results would probably topple the government. But what do I know I’m just a cat this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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