March 4, 2014

EI think we’ll talk about sports today everything else is way too depressing. In America Baseballs Spring training is in full swing and Jeff doesn’t care. The College basketball season is winding down to march Madness time. Hockey (yes that is a sport) is get ready for the playoff which I think go almost to July same for pro Basketball. And this week there are a bunch of what is referred to as friendlies involving the World cup teams Colombia plays Tunisia. Portugal, Argentina, and others will be pulling there players from the Leagues there in to play for their respective National teams. They have these games so the players can get used to playing with each other since like I said they play in other countries for money. When these teams get to the world cup it’s hard to pick a favorite because some teams are never really seen during the year. Like Japan or Korea so you really don’t know that much about their players and they have a different approach to The World cup because their players aren’t out making millions of dollars playing on European teams. They say Colombia is one of the favorites but right now there best player is trying to make a miraculous recovery from major knee surgery to be ready for the cup. I hope he doesn’t end up ruining his career by trying to come back so fast. The World cup stars in May and we’ll be posting about that and the rest of the sports in the future, that is of course if no one blows up the planet in the mean time. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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