February 13, 2014

imagesTomorrow is Valentine’s day I the US but not here in Colombia which doesn’t mean this is not a romantic country it just means they celebrate it at a different time in this case September. Christmas is not celebrated in a lot of countries because of religious belief but did you know it’s not a holiday in Japan. Labor Day is celebrated in September in the US and may in Colombia and some other countries. Thanksgiving is a traditional American Holiday although Canada has one to at a different time of year. Just about every country has its Independence Day and there all different. It nice to know that you can have differences that aren’t war related. Most Holliday differences are cultural if celebrated on a different day and religious if not celebrated at all. In the US they made a lot of Holidays fall on a Monday such as Martin Luther King Day and Presidents day. In the case of presidents day there used to be two separate Holidays one for George Washington and one for Abraham Lincoln. The Monday after Easter used to be a National Holiday as well. They took away the Easter Monday and gave King is day they took the two presidents and combined them to give an extra three day weekend. The three day weekend wasn’t given to the people because they worked so hard and needed the rest it was given so the banks could take a break and have an extra day to play with your money. Ok that’s all I got this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia where they average a Holliday about every twenty days or so.

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