February 11, 2014

Colombian boySorry about yesterday but Jeff’s wife had the flu for the last few days and then he had to go to Medellin to see his eye doctor yesterday. Everything his fine now so here’s a post that some might find funny and others might get pissed, in other words a normal post from me. We’re titling this HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR IN COLOMBIA. If you get out of a cab and have promised God you’ll go to church 5 times a day you’re in Colombia. If you’ve just seen a fifteen year old 89 pound girl with a pair of 44 double Ds that are so firm you could but a whole cocktail tray on them and not spill a drop, you’re in Colombia. If you look out your apartment window and see fifty buzzards circling your probably in Colombia. If you see a police man talking to a pretty girl or on his cell phone while next store the clerk has to pay a kid 20000 pesos for protection and the cop doesn’t even notice then you’re in Colombia. If you a police man getting beat up by a woman as a crown watches you’re in Colombia. If you walk down a street of beautiful homes and then walk around the corner and you’re in the ghetto you’re I Colombia. If you a seventy year old woman wearing a thong at the pool you are in, hell I mean, Colombia. Some of these things I guess you could see just about anywhere but if you can see them all in one day you are definitely in Colombia. If your President can put you a sleep while he’s talking about a major crisis then you’re in Colombia. Well that should piss of the chamber of commerce; this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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