January 31, 2014

its_the_stupidity_stupid-293x307I write this blog in the hope that there is intelligent life out there somewhere but every time Jeff goes on line and I see what constitutes news headlines I want to throw up. I don’t know the statistics on what is a neighborhood but I do know no one care what happens outside it unless it concerns an entertainment celeb or a sports one. Take Jeff’s wife for instance if he asks a question during the news about something in Bogota she’ll say she wasn’t paying attention but if it concerns Medellin no talking during the story. And it breaks down even further if it’s from an area not close to where we live. This is not just about Colombia in the US even though they have national news casts people aren’t that concerned with what happens in Utah if they live in New York. In New York City people don’t really worry about what’s going on I Buffalo unless it will interfere with vacation plans. The same philosophy applies to presidential elections. The US uses a system where the popular vote only means something in certain states because they all don’t have the same number of Electoral votes. So candidates don’t spend time or energy in small states. And then because people don’t think it matters they will elect a candidate based on his personality rather than his ability to lead. In other countries it’s about influence and money you promise poor people just about anything then do nothing and blame it on the opposition. Someday, not in my lifetime, maybe the human race will be able to find leadership that is hones and will improve the world but I Doubt it. This is Flounder (glad I’m a cat) saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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