January 24, 2014

Cedula-de-Extranjeria-OK for those that don’t know we live as residents in Medellin Colombia and the country issues to all foreign and its own citizens a Id card called a Cedula. It is essentially a national photo ID. You need it to use a credit card rent an apartment or just about any legal document you might sign. Well Jeff’s is set to expire in March as is his Visa and they will have to travel to Bogota to renew. Now Jeff wanted to go at the end of Dec or the Beginning of Jan. his wife says no we’ll go in February. Which of course is typical of Colombians they wait until the last possible moment to do anything they hate making plans for next week. Which brings me to the point of this post Colombians lack of a since of urgency or advance planning is what is holding this country back. They let a few wealthy individuals tell what they need and when they need it. The two more successful countries in South America Brazil and Argentina have that since of urgency about them and forward thinking. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still a ruling calls of people in those countries it just means that there thinking has allowed for more progress. Colombia is needs the anti drug money the US sends and is deeply concerned that if the peace process is successful the money will stop. All this brings us back to the point that the people aren’t planning ahead. The rich are only thinking about themselves and the poor are just getting along and are in no hurry to improve the life. Now I’m not saying that’s a really bad thing because progress is not always great. But without some forward thinking on the part of the poor this country will eventually become a fiefdom for a small percentage of rich people and then all hope could be lost. But as I say what the hell do I know I’m just a cat this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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