January 15, 2014

imagesThe Metro the rail line in Medellin which handles thousands of rider’s everyday has had to suspend its service to six stations due to a collapse of the river bank past Poplano. This brings up concerns for two reasons since an apartment building had recently experienced a partial collapse in the same area. My first concern is, are they doing sufficient geological studies before they build. In other words is it possible the area is geologically unsafe. My second concern is very real in that I don’t believe they do enough maintenance on their infrastructure. It appears to me especially after seeing pictures of the apartment building that they react instead of preventing problems. They seem to be surprised when part of a road gets wiped out by a landslide when things of that nature can be predicted to a certain extent. If you’ve ever visited this country you know that the roads thru the mountains while offering breathtaking scenery are dangerous to drive. Getting back to the Metro a lot of it runs alongside the river and you can see erosion of the concrete banks in many areas. Water is an extremely powerful element that you humans are constantly underestimating. Well time will tell if they improve their care of the infrastructure or if they continue to wait until something happens. Fortunately at least in Medellin there have not been a lot of deaths or injuries reported as a result of these failures. Whew that was a long post for me my paws are tired so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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