November 29, 2013

fireworks_monguiOk today is Friday in the US it’s called black Friday because it’s the day stores try to get back in the black to end their year. In Colombia it’s just another Friday, but tomorrow Nov. 30 at Midnight or 1 second into Dec 1st the sky will light up with illegal fireworks as the holiday season officially arrives down here. Now you have until I think February 7th to celebrate and of course down here that means a party almost every night drunks everywhere and fireworks culminating with a Christmas Eve party that will in a lot of case run all night. Then you have New Years Eve another all-nighter followed the next day by what is called Pot Day where the cook outside over wood fire and proceed to drink some more. Things tend to quiet down a little after that and everybody goes back to normal. Now for those that don’t want to party there is always the River lights one of the best lighting displays in the world and you have the little historical villages with their own spectacular lights. I found it surprising that the churches, this being a Catholic country, don’t do more processions and such at this time but they make up for it at Easter. Well I need to get some rest because tomorrow night will very noisy and I doubt that any of us will get any sleep until maybe Sunday so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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