July 29, 2014

xxxxxxxxxxxxSorry there was no post yesterday but Jeff is busy trying to build a model railroad. It particularly hard down here because no one sells accessories so he either has to wait till he has money and order from Amazon since they’re the only ones willing to deliver to Colombia. He’s in the final stages of building the table today. If it doesn’t fall apart again I’ll post first stage picture tomorrow. Jeff is also trying to reedit his book Death Comes Home. He found that the original was somewhat corrupted and is trying to figure out how. He finally got his Magic Jack account paid and wants to talk to some of his friends as well and of course you know we’re bot hold so we to take naps every now and then. So if you don’t see a post don’t worry as soon as we get our routine down we’ll be back to normal. In the mean time everything is cool hope everybody is well. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.