June 18, 2014

bloggingWe are constantly returning to certain topics and today its healthcare and we have some questions concerning it. In most developed countries there is some sort of health coverage for its people but they all suffer from the same thing. The average person can expect nominal care and as the insurance increases in cost so does the level of health care. That’s why in some countries you’ll see rich people surviving diseases that are sometimes fatal in the lower incomes. Jeff has always understood that in the US money talked and bull shit walked but what he doesn’t understand is why as he got older and medicine improved the care diminished. His doctor in the US is good but he has to run his office like an assembly line running from exam room to exam room at $85 I think probably more now. He explained that he had to charge a lot because insurance would only pay so much percent of the bill. He used to give discounts for cash but the IRS started auditing him every year and he’s just like you and me bills to pay kids in school well you know the story. I doubt there will ever be universal health care that allow the same treatment and care for everyone. Because every time somebody tries to change it there’s uproar (see Obama Care). Now my last little remark is that the US is last in health care for its populace and England is number one. Maybe just maybe we should look outside the country for some help fixing this mess. Oh one more thing before I leave why is it that the people that don’t pay for their insurance and have these great policies are the ones telling us how we don’t need to change anything? This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


April 15, 2014

indexHere we go again politicians are taking Obama care too court again and like I’ve said before I don’t understand health insurance. It seems that in the past when you go to use it is when you find out what it really covers. But I’ve also commented here if you don’t like Obama care what is your solution to a problem that I’ve been hearing about since I was a kid. Doctors charge too much and hospitals charge too much and insurance is too expensive. But the thing I find the most entertaining is once Obama care passed both house and was signed by the president people started screaming it was no good and needed to be changed. This was exactly what I heard for years when the old systems were in place. People blame the immigrants, law suits and mal practice insurance premiums for the high cost of health care. I think the parking lot full of BMW’s and Lexus’s might have something to do with it. I have met more doctors who have this feeling of entitlement because it took so much money to get there education or because the can and do have the power of life and death in their hands. There are a few million people who have signed up for Obama Care and seem relatively satisfied with it so now the politicians want to screw this up again. You do realize people in government don’t have to worry about health insurance theirs is covered only the people who vote for them and work for a living have to worry about it. This is Flounder, and my health insurance is named Jeff, saying CIAO from Medellin.