indexLast night I was watching an old episode of Criminal Minds and I was intrigued by a comment made by the Character Doctor Spenser Reed to the Character Morgan. They were talking about believing in good an Evil and made the point you can’t believe in one without believing in the other. Well if that’s the case and you believe in Zombies then there must be good Zombies as well as bad. You know like Vegetarian ones versus the brain eating ones. By the same token if you believe in demonic possession you must believe in Godly possession. For some reason when people think of others who claim to possessed by God they’re reoffered to as whack jobs. But those that claim to be possessed by a demon are OK just evil. I believe there is a balance that has to be maintained in the cosmos. You know the Yin and Yang principle where for every evil there must be a good. So going along with this idea if here are bad Zombies then there has to be good one and if demons can possess so can Angels, Saint, Gods or whatever else you want to represent good. I think the idea of vegetarian Zombies is pretty cool I don’t know how they would fight the brain eaters but would make for good comedy. As for Good and evil I’ll stick to the balance theory and with that I’ll throw in reincarnation. Hey let me know what side you’re on and for those that just want to say that I’m bat shit crazy, BITE ME. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.