April 30, 2023

So yesterday I get an email from WordPress saying that Twitter will no longer allow Jetpack to auto-load my blog to Twitter. Now you know why Twitter is headed for extinction. You can’t just say we’re not doing this anymore but if your willing to pay ridiculous fees we might consider it. Elon Musk had to make his money by stealing it because he has no idea how to run a business. His electric cars have battery problems his rockets are the most expensive thing on the planet. I being a poor soul am convinced that being truly honest will keep me poor. Look Trump the man lies with every breath yet he never pays for anything. How do I look my Grandkids in the eye and say to them the way to be successful is, to be honest. Trump lied his way to the presidency and might do it again, even Biden lies. Religious leaders lie, and teachers lie. It’s gotten harder to know what the truth is. Now you have to fact-check everything that comes out of someone’s mouth if you want the truth. Now you’re saying am I telling the truth. Well, most of what I say here is my opinion which is what I believe. That doesn’t mean I never lie or exaggerate but I don’t stand here and say this is a fact. Here’s is a fact for you. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia,


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