April 9, 2023

Biden lied and so do they all. Biden’s lie is a big one. He has allowed the Willow project to go forward. That means he’s allowing oil drilling in the Alaska tundra. He had said during his election campaign that he disapproved of this project because it would damage the climate, but like so many old politicians he doesn’t give a shit about the future. He also opened for lease 73 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico. Before I moved to Colombia I remember reading an article from a very respected scientist that at the then rate of consumption, we only had about 38 years of oil left in the ground. We have three alternatives to oil as an energy source we have Nuclear power, Wind power, and Solar power. All are cheaper to obtain and will last us far beyond 30, 40, or even a hundred years. Politicians and rich folk don’t care about little guys like you and me. They don’t give a shit about the planet. I’m not sure why, my guess is they know they won’t be around to see the end. I guess they don’t care about their kids or grandkids unless they think they will be living on the moon. Humans have proved over and over that they are the greatest threat to this planet. That is one of the reasons Steven Hawkins called AI a threat to humanity. If AI was to become what is referred to as aware it would realize what a threat we are and like the movie Terminator would seek to destroy us. I really don’t understand how we continue to depend on products that we are running out of if there is not an endless supply of oil or coal and the end of these products is in sight for those being born today. What is the plan? Is there one that will guarantee our children’s future or as it appears our leaders just don’t give a shit? If you don’t believe what I’m writing look it up for your selves. Stop looking at your cell phone for porn or sports and do some real research and you’ll find I’m not that wrong when I say the leaders of this planet don’t give a shit about anything besides the power and money they have. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO and we hope to see you again, from Medellin, Colombia.


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