February 5, 2023

You all know that I consider myself genuinely independent and that I think all politicians lie. Well recently Kevin McCarthy has gone a little far I think he and some of his Republican friends should remove their lips from Trump’s ass and do the job they were supposedly elected for that is to work for all the people. In reality, we know Kevin can’t do that he has used super glue to attach his lips so even the truth can’t remove them. You know when I was a kid if I lied I would get a beating, not a pat on the back, and a cushy government job. Maybe I shouldn’t be so honest perhaps then I wouldn’t be living on just Social Security from month to month. That brings us to Pence who has said he wants to privatize Social Security. If he does that he better have a lot of room in his house because I’m going to be moving in. Somewhere along the line, we have elected officials that don’t even pretend to care about the people but rather just play God with our lives as if we don’t matter. We have politicians that want to remove democracy from the dictionary and say there is just one way to live your life the way we think you should. I see a lot of dark clouds on the horizon for this country and it’s sad. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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