January 15, 2023

Martin Luther King would not be happy with what he would be seeing today. The progress that had been made is being eroded by the rise once again of White Nationalism. It seems to me that every time we make some progress something comes along to set us back. I still remember my mother saying to me that we all have to work together in order for the HUMAN RACE to survive. Do you think your favorite football team could survive if they didn’t get along? That may not be the best example but it does show how if we just want to be a white country or just a black country or whatever and we don’t work together we won’t survive very long. We don’t have an MLK right now that could help us pull it all together. We’re going to have to get out own shit together and straighten this shit out before we find ourselves out of time. Unfortunately, I don’t see a leader to help us on the horizon, but I don’t think people that knew MLK and thought he was going to make a difference. We need leaders with high moral character to pull us together and we don’t have any right now. Somewhere out there is a plain simple man much like MLK who can pull us together. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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