November 27, 2022

The title says why do they do that? I came up with that question while Antonia and I were out walking Friday night and a very attractive young girl walked by all made up with a good looking outfit and then on her feet she had platform combat boots. Now I know I’m out of touch with today’s fashion trends but I just think it made her look weird. I knew this girl she’s a very good looking nice figure and good legs so I asked myself why she would wear something that took away from her natural good looks. I guess it is the influence of the influencer’s generation. You know those young people on the Net that set trends that aren’t really complimentary but make them feel important till someone else comes along. When I was in high school and my parents let me dress myself I was never a trend follower. I wore what I wanted to not what the rest of the world said I had to. I liked loafers and shoes that were tied. Now I’m not saying I didn’t like things like Bell bottoms. I loved the Hippy generation. It just seemed that once everybody was wearing something the price would go up. Look at the trend of ripped or holes in jeans. People are baying hundreds of dollars for jeans that you can just give to kids and they rip them up for free. What’s the purpose of wearing high-top sneakers with untied laces just because some gangster does. I understand that if you are young then it makes you feel cool. Back in the day of the hippy once something came into the mainstream the kids didn’t want it anymore now it seems they want everything no matter how unconformable it makes them and they have to have the expensive version. Go into a poor neighborhood and you’ll see two things right away. Two hundred fifty dollar sneakers and Apple cell phones on kids that can’t afford to take the bus to school. I know young parents that go out to work two jobs just so their kids can have what they want. I never wanted for anything growing up but I didn’t want the newest trendy thing out there. Well, I guess by today’s standards I’m either uncool or just out of touch. This is FATS and my very stylish friend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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