November 20, 2022

Well, fat boy went and did it. He’s running for president again and not only that Elon Musk is so desperate to keep Twitter alive that he gave Trump back his account. Well, people, I follow like George Takei has moved to Mastodon where I am as well. You just have to go to @bruffjeffrey mastodon to find me. While I don’t think he can get elected again I realize that there are millions of bigots and racists as well as dumb people out there who worship the ground he slithers on. If he had not lost the last election, you’d think there would be at least one little piece of proof out there and there is none. So the real question arises are there enough anti-democracy morons out there to make his run viable. While I hate Trump I don’t think Joe Biden should run again. I’m going to be 77 next month and I recognize the fact that I’m just not as quick mentally as I was a year ago to forget the Physical problems that come with old age. That is what really scares me about Trump as he already seems to be somewhat mentally impaired. I was glad to see that the Republicans didn’t get all they wished for in the midterms but they got enough to make sure Congress doesn’t get anything accomplished this time around. Time to get ready for Sunday football so ANTONIA and FATS will say CIAO until next time from Medellin, Colombia.


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