October 30, 2022

Once again I missed a post last week, this time for severe illness. As you all know my assistant is Antonia and she needed flea ointment applied last Saturday. I did as your supposed to and washed my hands really well, but I guess Antonia rubbed up under my armpit, and well the result later that day was not pleasant. First I vomited everything I had in my system then I couldn’t move my legs and my Kidneys started shutting down. I drank liters of water and by Monday morning I was on m way back it took until Thursday for me to become somewhat normal. Why didn’t I call for an ambulance and go to the hospital? Well, down here by the time they get to you and then get you to the hospital you’re either better or dead. Well, now let’s move on. The election is coming and it’s different this time your right to vote and live in a free and democratic society is on the line. Never have I seen so many unqualified people with radical views running for office. I mean have you ever listened to Herschel Walker a cockroach has a higher IQ. I blame the people and Trump for this. The people because they’re dumb enough to believe Trump and his ego is so strong he believes the lies he tells and not only that he believes he’s above the law. Now, there’s a whole party full of idiots out there that think that change will make America Great Again. What made us great was the ability for us to help and respect others now we have Candidates that think dictators are cool and we can play nice with them and they won’t bother us. There was a lot of that kind of sentiment right before Pearl Harbor. I’m glad I don’t have kids because the future now is grim. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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