October 2, 2022

Good morning and welcome to our blog. The term Silent Majority was made famous by Richard Nixon. He was saying that the anti-war protesters didn’t represent the opinions of the majority of Americans. Well turned out he was wrong. Today the term applies’ s to those who simply do nothing when they see evil at work. They just want to go to work at a paying job come home watch their favorite TV shows go see a concert or sporting event a couple times a year and not be bothered by the news. They don’t want to know anything except the scores of last night’s games. The plight of the people in other places is not something they are going to say or do anything about. One of my friends is like this. I had asked him what he would do if Trump did away with Social Security. He answered he didn’t care and he wasn’t going to worry about that now ( He was only 40 at the time ). he tends to get into relationships with women that will let him stay without doing much. He is just one example and probably not a very good one of people that just don’t think the really bad shit that people talk about is going to happen to them and let me tell you there are millions of people just like him out there. Some don’t want to get involved for fear of what others will think and some have a different fear. I will tell you this if they keep just sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to just go away they will wake up one day and say how did this happen why didn’t someone tell us or do something to stop it. This is where being old is an advantage I won’t be around to see this. This is THE ANCIENT ONE and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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