July 17, 2022

The problem we face now is we have politicians that are old or unqualified for the positions they have. Let’s start with the president and the candidates for that office. On one side we have Joe Biden a good man a nice man, but one whose age is beginning to show. He is qualified at this time, but he’s not getting any younger. On the other side, there are two candidates for the job Donald Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida. I believe that since Trump has already had the job and has proven ( at least to me ) that he is not qualified for the job he shouldn’t get a second chance. He is also over 70 and if you add that into the equation along with his Narcissism you have a recipe for disaster. DeSantis on the other hand appears to take the moral high road but he does so to such a degree that he also is a disaster in the waiting. so. What is it I’m saying? I’m saying that we need to not only listen to young people when it comes to the climate and racism but also to how our country is governed. When Kennedy got elected he did so with young people at his side. When Martin Luther King marched for racial equality he did so with young people at his side. The young people of today are becoming so disenfranchised with politics that it’s going to take a very special person to wake them up and get them fully involved. I don’t see one on the horizon right now but hopefully, they just need a nudge to get involved. I’m FATS and I’m 76 years old which makes me far too old to run for any political office. My mind is sound today but who knows what tomorrow will bring, that’s why I say we need young people, not one like me whose life has run its course and won’t be around to be held responsible for their actions. This is FATS and his best friend ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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