July 3, 2022

When I say new blood I’m talking about the Democratic party. I recently heard rumors that there might be a push for Hillary to run again, please no. I think it’s time for a young President and young senators and congresspeople. I don’t mean wack jobs like a lot of the younger Republicans but there has to be someone out there that can galvanize the public like Trump but for the betterment of everyone not just themselves. I don’t mean people like Clinton and Kennedy that couldn’t keep it in their pants. I mean someone who can bring both parties back to the real world and start trying to save us rather than enslave us. I want change and have for a while now but all I’ve seen is the same old shit and even worse than before. I’m not a Politician and obviously not a diplomat. I’m just an old guy that wants this country and democracy to survive and prevent ego maniacs like DeSantis and Trump from turning this country into something out of a novel. I wish I was smart enough to write here the solution to this but, I’m not and at my age, I don’t think I’m going to have any kind of epiphany and solve the problem. This has been FATS and ANTONIA ( I‘ve received a little grief about using the ancient one) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


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